Website Using SSL Certificate

Gain Confidence of Your Site Audience Using SSL Certificate

Gain Confidence of Your Site Audience Using SSL Certificate

With more and more advanced technology coming up in the market, people are using the internet as the major source to search any information that is relevant and accurate. And this has made them spend a lot of time on the web. But with this increased usage of the internet, there is also a negative trait associated that includes fraudulent activities, cyber-attacks, personal data loss and etc. All these have made the visitors prefer only safe websites about which they are confident and can make the transaction safely.

An SSL certificate is specifically designed to make the users feel secure while using a website on the internet. Without this, it would be difficult to gain the trust of your customers and keep their sensitive data safely.

Here in this blog, I would share with you the importance of SSL and how it helps to keep the site secured.

Understanding SSL certificate and the way it works

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a standard technology used for security to establish an encrypted link between your browser and the web server. The links ensure your visitors that all the data that passes between the two will remain integral and also private without any unauthorized access to it. It also allows the users to encrypt any sensitive data and communicate between the website and the visitors. Offered by most web hosting companies, these valid certificates ensure that the users will be digitally connected by using a cryptographic key. This reduces the risk of any cyber-crimes and websites that don’t use SSL certificates may have to face potential damage to the brand. The certificates make the customers feel that the website is reliable and trustworthy.

Whenever a browser accesses any secured website, there is a connection established which cannot be seen by the user and it takes only few seconds to do it. There are three keys that are used to secure the connection. The keys are public, private and session keys. Anything that is encrypted with the public key can only be decrypted by using the private key and vice versa.  When this action happens, it creates a symmetric session key and it is then used to encrypt the data that is transmitted from the site after a secure connection is established.

Why Google gives so much importance to SSL?

The SSL certificates hold great importance for varied reasons both for the website visitor and the business. Since people prefer to use a secure site to carry out all sorts of transactions that involve money and personal data, Google prefers those sites that use an SSL certificate as it ensures data protection from the online criminals and hackers. Any social security numbers, credit card numbers and personal login details can be safely transmitted with an SSL since such data is unreadable except by the server where the data is sent.

How SSL certificate helps to gain the reliability of your website?

The prime reason that visitors prefer to use a website having a green padlock is that the SSL certificate offered by the hosting service provider ensures that the website is safe for use. The green bar acts as the security signal that portrays that the website visitors are secured from any attack from the hackers. The information that is transmitted is also safe and people can confidently share their personal data and credit or debit card details while shopping.

Not only this, about 70% of the users cancel their placed orders when they find that they are not confident of the website. Trust plays a great role for online shoppers and in case of the absence of the security seal on your website, they are more likely to leave the site. So, it is definitely worth to seek an SSL certificate from your web hosting service provider if you want to gain the trust of your visitors and make your website safe from any cyber-attacks.

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