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Set yourself apart with secured, reliable and affordable web hosting solutions

The latest trend as it goes is everything is on the net. For your business to be successful, it is essential to keep related information in the cyberspace for everyone to access. So, if you have already developed your company website, it’s time to make it live. IDS Web Hosting is a managed web hosting service provider operating from India – a company breaking through the conventional barriers in the hosting industry.

We are known for our reliable, versatile and high performing solutions that are coupled with great features and can cater to both small and medium enterprises. We specialize in advanced network configurations, best security practices, 24/7 customer support and help our clients to focus on their core business activities with complete peace of mind.

Catch your visitor’s attention within seconds

The faster your servers are, the faster your website will load,
which means that your visitors will see what you have sooner.
Our exclusive servers offer you the fastest web hosting experience!

Maintaining data privacy and protection is our prime concern

Nobody likes to hear that cyber attackers have stolen their information.
We adopt the best processes and practices to keep your account safe.

Customize your packages with scalable performance

Whether you are expecting an increase in the visitor’s number or planning to expand your store,
we offer the best versions of the most popular software.
Secure-Fast-Reliable shared hosting

Driving organizational goals to newer heights

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Robust-Scalable-Affordable VPS hosting

Ensuring high availability of business at all times

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Ultra-fast-Complete control Dedicated server

Performing business operations with confidence

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Some other services that we offer

You can transfer your domain in simple three easy steps and the process is safe, secured and seamless. Our services are specifically tailored to domains and your web project so that you don’t face any downtime during the process. We also ensure that the sellers receive their payments and the buyers acquire ownership of their new domains easily and fast.

We allow our customers to allot hard drive space and bandwidth to third parties while maintaining some profit. We offer flexible reseller hosting services that allow you to offer customized plans with ample bandwidth, unlimited disk space and email solutions that can boost your business venture.

We help you to send bulk emails to your targeted audience and track the results for better performance. With our services, your users will also become more productive and it will be easy to remain connected. So get secured business emails for your company with huge mail storage and latest anti-virus protection.

We understand that critical business files and applications are some of your most important assets. Avoid any interruption or damage to your vital data with our tailored disaster recovery service and help your business stay on. With us, you can manage a robust recovery system that you can trust.


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