This is an agreement (“Agreement”) and it contains the complete terms and conditions that govern your subscription of the service(s) offered by IDS Web Hosting. By placing an order and/or using IDS Web Hosting’s products and services, you are agreeing to all the terms that are mentioned in this Agreement.
IDS Web Hosting makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, for the various services that we offer. Clients shall be solely responsible for all the information, data, text, software, images, videos, music, sound, or other materials uploaded or stored on, and served by their respective websites.
Changes to the Terms of Use and the AUP
The Terms of Use and AUP framed by IDS Web Hosting are subject to change at any time and without prior notice by the company. The rates of the services so provided by us, are liable to be changed based on the availability of the resources, software, hardware, and other associated factors.

In case of renewal of the services being taken from us, the clients shall be notified of any amendments in the rates or charges before the billing renewal date.
Appropriate Use of the Service(s)
The services offered by IDS Web Hosting should be used for lawful purposes only. Clients shall not distribute, electronically transmit, store, or display any sort of information, data, or material that violates any law or regulation.
Any sort of spamming activity from our servers is strictly prohibited. Clients shall not use our service(s) to send or electronically transmit unsolicited commercial or bulk emails to others. IDS Web Hosting solely reserves the right to suspend or terminate any website that engages in spamming of any sort.
Distribution of Viruses and/or engaging in other destructive activities
We strictly restrict the use of our service(s) and/or equipment for distributing viruses, spyware, malware, worms or Trojan horses, to cause damage to third party’s data or computer system. Distribution of such software or engaging in other destructive activities that monitor or control a computer or its users’ activity without their knowledge and consent is forbidden.
IDS Web Hosting prohibits distributing, storing, displaying, transmitting, or advertising any type of pornography and/or adult web-sites on our servers. If the presence of pornographic content on/through our services comes to our knowledge, then we shall notify the law enforcement agencies and appropriate actions shall be taken against the guilty parties.
Use of IDS Web Hosting’s service(s) to make fraudulent offers or to conduct any sort of fraudulent activity will lead to immediate suspension, termination or cancellation of our service(s). All information so received about the fraudulent activity or the fraudulent account/service shall be provided to the law establishments, without any delay.
Server Use
Clients must take all the reasonable steps to safeguard the best possible use and the optimum security of our servers. You may not use your website to publish any kind of material or content, which is illegal, indecent or offensive to any person, company or community.
Server Maintenance
IDS Web Hosting may perform maintenance, upgrades, improvements or replacements to our servers. During such time, we have the right to suspend or temporarily withdraw access to our servers for as little time as possible. Information about any such maintenance task shall be provided to the users, at least 24 hours prior to the occurrence of the activity.
In the event of violation of any of our terms and conditions, we may terminate, suspend or cancel any or all the services that you might have been availing from us. We have all the right to withdraw access to our services in case of violations of our terms of use, and no refund shall be given for any payments that might have been made by you to IDS Web Hosting.