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Is your WordPress based business website ready to launch?  If that’s a resounding ‘Yes’, then you must prepare yourself to make the site running by choosing the best WordPress web hosting service provider. Finding a perfect provider can become an overwhelming task as there are various factors that you need to consider before you can make your website go live. These days, with lots of options for hosting before you, it is really easy to get lost. Is support and maintenance important? How much should you pay to the service provider? Are the services reliable? There are multiple questions that come to your mind that may at times make you quite confused.

In this short guide, I will discuss with you some of the most important points that you should consider before selecting your web hosting service provider:

What is the best WordPress hosting plan for your business?

By just going through the below-discussed points, you can make an easy comparison of all the three types of hosting:

Shared Hosting:

Shared Hosting is one of the cheapest type of hosting and is usually suitable for websites with a low traffic volume. The hosting service provider usually sets up multiple customers on a single server and all the customers share the resources of the machine like the CPU, memory and the hard drive space. It is affordable and easy to get started with. The provider handles the server level performance and security. Some disadvantages are that sharing the resources with other customers means that the website’s behavior and performance may at times be affected.

Virtual Private Server:

In Virtual Private Server hosting plans, each server has reserved and dedicated resources. Other users cannot share your hard drive, memory or processing power.  VPS servers cost less than dedicated servers and are more powerful than shared hosting. Additional resources can be easily allocated to a VPS account without any need to migrate the account. So, if you are in any emergency need of extra memory or space or processing power, then it’s a quick and easy fix.

Managed WordPress Web Hosting:

Managed WordPress Web Hosting means that you pay a service provider who takes care of the server management tasks on your behalf. All you need to do is to pay the hosting provider and use their infrastructure that is specially built to host WordPress blogs and websites. The service providers usually have a support team so that they can solve it immediately without wasting any time.

Important features to consider before picking the right host for you

Performance and speed:

Managing the performance and loading speed of your website is very important as you cannot keep your audience waiting. And for this, you need good hardware to ensure high quality of service from your web hosting partner.  The CPU, memory and disk space, all play a major role in determining the overall performance of the website. You should have all the features and functionalities that you need to run your WordPress site.

It is of no use to go for a hosting plan with features that you would never use now or even in the future. The transfer speed of the data is very important as visitors don’t want to wait to get the information. It is vital that your web host keeps your site’s data transfer times low, even when under high load. You can check the performance of your server’s CPU, RAM and the amount of disk space that you use. In case it is exhausted, then is time to upgrade your hosting plan.

Quality of Customer Support:

Customer support offered by the web host providers should tell a lot about the reliability of the company. If the support leaves a lot to be desired, then you it is not the right one for you. Check to find out that their contact tech support offers instant help whenever there are issues and ensure that they enjoy a good reputation for customer support. A reliable company will always offer multiple means of contact that will include a phone number, chat and email. So, do your research before choosing your service provider.


Most WordPress web hosting service providers offer uptimes in excess of 99.5%. But it is very important that your host’s uptime guarantee is offered as promoted in the advertisement. A generous uptime guarantee that is backed by some reasonable terms of service reflects that the hosting provider will work hard to keep your website running and performing.

Cost/ pricing:

For most website owners the cost of WordPress hosting is the most important aspect while choosing the host. The price of the service usually depends on various factors like the quality of support,

For most website owners the cost of WordPress hosting is the most important aspect while choosing the host. The price of the service usually depends on various factors like the quality of support, a condition of the servers and etc. So, take a closer look at all the features of the web host that is offered and then choose the host that offers the best value for your money.

Selecting the best web hosting service provider for your WordPress site need not be challenging any more if you follow the above information. You can start small and as your business grows, you can upgrade to better plans.

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