Not Just Web Host, Additional Services Offered by Web Hosting Companies

Additional Services

In order to start your online business, it is important to create an attractive website and get it hosted on a server that will make the site visible to the audience and the search engines.  When people talk about hosting their sites on the servers, they mean to choose either shared servers, VPS or dedicated servers based on their requirements.

Web hosting companies are no longer limited to offering only hosting services to their clients, but they are also offering their expertise in diversified products and services. To make things convenient and easy for the customers, hosting companies have not come up with other related services so that business owners can accomplish their goals and objects without facing any hurdles.

Here in this blog, I will give you an idea about the other web hosting related services offered by companies that you may find beneficial.

Website creation services:

Getting your website ready for the audience needs a lot of technical expertise like web design, coding, server knowledge, HTML and etc. Thankfully, we now live in an age where most of the services are offered by hosting companies and your website can be ready with minimal technical knowledge. Website builders is something that is included in the list and many hosting companies offer simple or sophisticated website builders that allow the customers to create their site after subscribing to their hosting plan.  Site builders like Squarespace, Strikingly, Weebly are quite popular.

SSL certification:

Most web hosting companies help their clients to secure their site through SSL certificates. Though they are not the ones who grant the certificates, but they help the customers obtain them from trusted sources and providers like Geo Trust. Having a certificate helps to encrypt any sensitive data of your website and protects transactions that include credit cards and passwords. This is important for sites that accept payments or sell products through online stores. Data that is encrypted helps to prevent them from any unauthorized access and fraudulent schemes. Not only this, SSL encryption also helps your site to attain a higher ranking in the search engines as they are considered to be safe and trustworthy sites.

Domain name registration:

This is another most important service that are offered by today’s web hosting companies. Your website’s domain name is very important for branding and based on it, you will represent your company and will be remembered among the consumers. Web hosting companies have domain experts who help you to analyze your market, your current branding and assists you to purchase the best domain name based on your services, location and targeted markets.

Marketing and branding solutions:

Though all web hosting service providers do not offer online marketing solutions, but there are many who help their clients to promote their websites by offering everything that is needed to start a site. They offer services to manage online reputation, build online marketing strategies, awareness and popularity of the site. Many web hosting companies offer online marketing packages that include social media marketing, email marketing services, SEO and many other services. For those who are willing to try online marketing campaigns they can just avail their services.

Web support and maintenance services:

It is very important to maintain your website and keep it updated on a regular basis. This not only helps you to remain competitive in the market, but also helps to generate higher revenues for a long period of time. Proper support and maintenance services are important and it may come in the form of FAQs, informative articles or blogs, phone or email support or even a help desk ticketing system. Server management is also considered as a form of support. There are web hosting companies offering comprehensive support programs that help their clients manage their websites effectively.

In a nutshell, web hosting companies are like modern mobile phones that offer a wide range of functions while managing connectivity efficiently. Web hosts offer not only hosting services, but also a wide range of hosting related services that are reliable and help in the overall growth of your business.

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