When speed is your prime concern, what is best? VPS, Cloud or Dedicated hosting

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Whether you are starting a new business or you already have an established one, proper web hosting is a service that allows organizations to make your business accessible to audiences on the internet. There are various means to rank web hosts and some of them are price, user reviews, customer service and etc. But one thing that is most important is the speed. This leading factor determines how fast your website can actually load and based on this, you can get more customers, views, leads, thereby allowing you to do more business.

Speed remains to be one of the prime keys to ensure that your site can grow and expand. This will also keep your audiences active. So, if you are looking for the fastest web hosting, then things can be a little tricky. Numerous web hosting packages before you can make you confused, but one thing that you should first consider is the speed.

Why is speed so important?

The fastest web hosting service provider will help you develop and organize your site in an easy manner. On the other hand, a slow host will only slow down your page load for the visitors and this will make everything time-consuming. Superb speed will make the visitors comfortable when they try to access and interact with your site. A site that fails to load will cause them to go somewhere else.

The main purpose of this write-up is to share some important points to make things easier for you to select which kind of hosting fits your organization the best.

Chiefly, there are three popular types of web hosting: VPS hostingdedicated hosting and cloud hosting. These different options differ in resources available for speed, performance, storage space, reliability and etc. All these services have their own pros and cons. So, let’s take a look at them one by one and have a clear understanding.

VPS hosting:

It stands for Virtual Private Server and is a great alternative if you are looking for something more from a shared hosting environment. You will be sharing resources and space, but each customer will have a larger slice of the pie. The users get a share of the physical server based on the amount that they pay and it is essentially a virtualized machine where you have sole access. Sharing is less than shared hosting and each client has separate allocation.

There are two kinds of VPS hosting, Managed and unmanaged VPS hosting.  Managed services mean that the hosting company will take care of all the work that is related to maintaining the server that includes setting up of tools, security and etc. Unmanaged services mean that the customer would be responsible for all the activities and chances are less than you would receive any help from the host’s technical support. With VPS hosting, you have access to more server resources and settings. It is also more scalable and you can upgrade your plan if you need more resources. Though it is not as cheap as shared hosting, still it is fairly affordable. You can easily install your own packages and get your own unique IP address.

When is it the best solution?

If your business has one or more sites that require multiple languages and plugins, then a VPS is a good solution. Since it offers a big room, you can have thousands of visitors per month and can accommodate them easily. A photography site or a one that runs custom plugins or scripts are best with VPS hosting. But if you are really serious about the speed of your website, then you should not go for a VPS account.

Cloud Hosting:

This is different from other hosting solutions and is used to define a cluster of servers instead of a single one. It offers advanced hosting plans and is also cost-effective compared to other hosting types. This means, that if you are in need of more resources, then your site can be easily migrated to allow the resources. And with cloud hosting, you don’t have to depend on only one server, and even if there is an issue with one server, you always have other servers that will take the backup of the data and processes and there will be no downtime.

The advantages of cloud hosting are that it offers easy access to more bandwidth and offers fast loading time since the site can be easily migrated when more resources are needed. With this type of hosting, you also get the features of redundancy and these allow you to clone the site on other environments to reduce further downtime.

When is it the best solution?

Cloud hosting is best if you are looking for high-speed choice within a limited budget. This offers high speed as the servers are reliable and won’t affect when a single server is down or there is any hardware failure. It offers the users a unique IP address and this means that you have complete control over your operating system, packages, and software you are willing to install. The accounts are perfect for small websites having low traffic. So, it is recommended to use cloud hosting when you have a mid-range traffic website. With a gradual increase in traffic, you can add more resources and upgrade to faster hardware.

Dedicated hosting:

When you choose a dedicated server, you are hiring an entire server and there won’t be anyone sharing the resources with you. You will have full control over all resources and you can make any essential changes according to your needs. There is usually no performance related issues like connectivity, speed, downtime that may usually occur with shared hosting.

Some benefits of choosing a dedicated server are that all the resources are yours and you can control the access of the people to your server and even create a reseller web hosting account. It is customizable and can easily manage the huge volume of traffic and is also more secure and reliable. Dedicated hosting supports various types of scripts and software and some providers offer DDR4 RAM, NAS backups and etc.

When is it the best solution?

If you are looking for best speed choice and have a higher budget for your website, then dedicated hosting is the best option for you. Since the server is rented by you completely, nobody else uses it and this makes the speed very high for your site. It is best for higher traffic websites and you can choose from managed or unmanaged hosting services.

Thus to conclude, we can say that based on your business requirements and type of website, you can select the best web hosting plan that will help you to keep your business running and enjoy the growth.

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