Linux or Windows VPS hosting? What suits you best

Linux or Window Server

When it is time to host your website, business owners should always have some awareness of the various hosting plans and their benefits to choose the best suitable plan. There are many businesses or ecommerce websites that often require a private environment together with some dedicated resources when it comes to hosting their sites, as not having the desired resources may make them lose great opportunities. It is for this reason that many businesses opt for virtual private server hosting or VPS.

What is VPS?

It is an independent and virtual server that simultaneously serves various websites. A computer can have multiple VPS with each having its own respective operating systems that run the web hosting software for that particular user. Since it runs its own specific OS, it allows the customers to have an unparalleled access to it. They can easily install any type of software that runs on that OS. VPS especially excels in four different areas that include security, stability, control and performance. The accounts are designed much like a private server accounts that offers you all the privileges possible.

As long as your requirements are not super high, having a VPS is a great option for you. You have two OS options before you that is either Linux or Windows. Though they have lots of functions that are similar, like allowing you to store business data, scale up resources as required, run various applications, still they have some marked differences between the two. Let’s take a look at them in details and discuss how they are great for which business types.

Linux VPS Hosting:

Linux VPS Hosting is an open source Operating System and is widely used by the developers and is also a preferred choice for hosting service providers. It is popular for its stability, innovation and performance. Here are some reasons why Linux enjoys an advantage when it comes to choosing servers.

More stability and flexibilityLinux web hosting is renowned for its great stability as an operating system. Due to its open source platform, it can easily be adapted to nearly any environment. Linux is also more flexible when it comes to control panels. The servers are better able to manage multiple domains through cPanel. The automatic updates that are combined with various tools are best.

Increased security: Linux OS is considered to be safer than Windows OS. They rarely need to be rebooted and the configurations and other changes can also be achieved with a restart. It is very tough on viruses, malware.

Low cost: Since Linux is free, users don’t have to pay for a license and this means that your web hosting provider can pass the savings by offering you with cheaper plans.

But one disadvantage of Linux is that it has a steep learning curve and to have a great grip, one has to get comfortable with the command line.

Windows VPS Hosting:

Windows is the most popular and used operating system and people are familiar with its use on their PCs. When Linux and Windows OS were compared, the former was considered to be a more mature system when it was all about customization and security. But Windows have somehow managed to reduce the gap and also enjoys some advantages over the open source OS platform.

Easy to setup: If you have used both the platforms, then you must be aware that Windows is much easy to configure and also set up than the Linux platform. It is very easy to manage if you don’t have any technical skills or IT team in house. With a familiar GUI, the users feel more comfortable.

.Net framework: Building web applications using the .NET framework are easier as the Windows environment supports the framework for optimal performance.

Desktop access: Another advantage that Windows enjoys over Linux is that the desktop can be accessed remotely. You can direct the access from any location to your VPS server via your interface.

Before choosing your OS for your web hosting, know your business requirements and based on that consider the pros and cons of Linux and Windows. Since your choice of OS shall have a great impact on almost every aspect of your interaction, it should always be taken seriously.

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