Latest Trends That Will Transform Managed Hosting Services

Managed Hosting Services

The past few years were the years of the cloud. With great difficulties in managing the workloads and even data in varied locations cloud hosting and managed services have become very popular and are playing an active role in helping enterprises set up networks, secure data and application, operate infrastructure, migrate workloads and etc. Reports have stated that the managed service market will grow to 242.45 billion dollars by the year 2021, which is a compound annual growth rate of 10.8% year over year. Business owners have started to realize the value of having a trusted managed service provider offering great flexibility to deliver customized solutions, optimize performance, match increased dependency and many more.

Since customer needs are evolving and it is very important to survive in this competitive market, you need to adopt the latest trends of web hosting. Adapting and adopting those that match your present status and business objectives will help your business to keep strong and also growing in the changing and competitive market.

In this blog, I will discuss some of the latest trends in the web hosting and managed services landscape.

More investments in cloud and hosting services:

Businesses will make a shift towards cloud and managed services and according to a survey report, respondents expect to see a high investment in the hosting related services in the coming year. SaaS and application hosting are major areas of spending followed by managed and infrastructure services. This is in fact a golden opportunity for the managed service providers as more and more companies will become cloud dependent.

Growth in MSP and M&As

Managed service providers will observe a rise in their number of customers who are looking for complete technical support and migration besides the basic implementation of services. It is also said that some may even run partner programs for the resellers in order to help them handle the end customers. The managed service industry will also see an increase in the number of Mergers and Acquisitions. But for this the service providers have to realign their business processes, line up their business, brand value proposition, system integrations and also evaluate resources.

Bundled solutions:

Applications and services will surely move to the cloud as the popularity of the cloud continues. But this will in fact decrease the chances of MSPs to upsell. Due to this, MSPs have now started to offer bundled solutions that stitch together various technologies, products and services as an enterprise wide solution thereby making it a win-win situation for the end users. A reliable managed service provider will free you from heavy infrastructure investments and will help you to stay ahead of the curve.

Hybrid cloud and multi cloud will lead the way:

In the coming years, hybrid cloud will gain popularity and more and more organizations and software companies will also become cloud dependent and there will be a shift in their focus on flexibility so that the solutions match the varied needs of the clients. The future years will also see multi cloud management with Amazon web services and Microsoft Azure facing more competition from heavyweights like Oracle cloud, Google cloud and etc.

Data security: 

Big data is ruling the market and more enterprises are now moving to the cloud via the hosted email and online backup. It has become very important for companies to look for robust security measures in order to protect all their data. MSPs are now expanding their solutions so as to help their clients comply with the industry regulations and government directives.

Thus, in a nutshell, a reliable and trusted managed service provider will allow you to be free from any heavy infrastructure investments and also remain much ahead of the competition.

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