Drupal Hosting Provider: An Easy Guide for Non-Technical Customers


Drupal is one of the most popular CMS in the market and is considered to be third in number after WordPress and Joomla. Since it is an open source platform, it enables you to set up various types of websites that you have in your mind efficiently. Now, once you have a Drupal website, it’s time to choose a perfect and reliable Drupal web hosting company that can offer higher server resources and performance, so that your company can expand and enjoy business growth.

Having years of experience in web hosting services, I have analyzed that not every website hosting provider can offer you help when you want to host your Drupal site.  Moreover, when you are looking for a hosting provider for Drupal, here are certain important things that have to be considered. Today, in this piece of writing, we are going to discuss some of the most important factors before making a choice.

Type of server resources that your business needs

Drupal is a sophisticated and large CMS offering hundreds of modules that run on the site. I don’t recommend hosting your site on an underpowered server. It is important to partner with a host that can meet your Drupal’s CPU thirsty demands. Even a small site will need about 2 gigabytes of RAM and about 10 gigabytes of total storage to begin with. It is also important to consider the amount of anonymous traffic vs authenticated users of your site. This is needed because Drupal is very efficient in serving web pages to anonymous users. With more visitors of your site, you will need more power and support from your hosting partner.

Does your host offer easy installation?

Ensure that your web hosting partner that you choose has the actual equipment and software that can support Drupal installation. The more recent version of Drupal you would use, the more recent version of PHP and database software you would need. You can look for a web host that is capable of fine tuning the database and PHP settings. The second most important thing is to look for the tech support. During the installation process, if there are any issues, then it is important that your host offers you help instantly. So, choose a Drupal hosting service provider that can match your own expertise.

Are you getting many Drupal centric features?

Simply because the web host offers Drupal installations, it does not reflect that it is a Drupal centric host. Before finalizing your web host, ensure that it offers Drupal specific modules and add-ons that can make your site feature rich. This will of course save a ton of hassles as you will get multiple things under one roof. You don’t have to search the net to check the most useful and popular extensions and modules.

Consider the security options

Every software is prone to cyber-attacks, hacking, harmful actions and etc. and Drupal is no exception. Your Drupal web host should offer security measures so as to protect the installation process. This will include the PHP and database settings, patches and etc. that are geared towards keeping the Drupal site safe. Though you have to adopt your own security measures, but it is also your web host who should offer the bare minimum protections. So, when choosing a host, consider every aspect of your hosting account from server setup to Drupal installation.

Multiple domain support:

As your business grows, there is a possibility that you might need more domains in future. Though when you start your business, this option doesn’t seem to be important, but later on, you might need to have more than one domain name. Purchasing another hosting to connect your domain name will only cost you more. So, while choosing your host company, check whether they allow you to host multiple domains on a single account and manage them from a centralized location.

Is your host company a good web host overall?

Most of the above points are related specifically to Drupal web hosts. You should consider web hosts that also fits the general requirements like excellent uptime, updated features, superb customer service, competitive pricing that can make things easier for you.

However, understanding your need to use Drupal is your first requirement, but keep the above points under consideration before finalizing on your Drupal hosting company.

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