When Is the Right Time to Choose a Dedicated Hosting Service

Dedicated Hosting Service

The online business industry has undergone a massive change over the past few years and the revolutionary change has led to a very promising future of the web hosting sector. So, whether you own a huge established business or you are just a startup company, it is very important to have a secured environment to be successful in business. The prime objective of any business is to offer the best services to their clients and to offer this, you may need a more powerful server offering high performance and full control of your website.

With dedicated hosting, the service provider offers the clients and gives them the RAM, CPU and disk space that they are in need and the client also has permission to exclusively use the server’s resource. As the name suggests, dedicated hosting implies a server with all the resources that are dedicated to a specific user that they can use exactly according to their wish.

In this blog, I will discuss how to determine the right time of investment in a dedicated server for your business.

Enhanced performance and security:Selecting a dedicated hosting service guarantee maximum uptime for the site and shared hosting is good only when your site has low to medium traffic. In case you receive huge traffic, dedicated servers will offer more reliability, stability than shared hosting. With dedicated hosting, you can be sure that there is no other customer sharing the space with a malicious website. This type of servers allows increased security, specifically companies handling sensitive transactions over SSL or FTP.

When downtime is very expensive:Due to poor server performance, your site may go through a downtime and this might be very costly for your business and you may also incur losses. Your business might lose many leads. To avoid losing business opportunities, it is necessary to opt for a reliable and secured environment and select a dedicated server.

You have an ecommerce website operating 24X7:If you have an ecommerce business and it has to operate 24X7 to generate revenue, then down time can pose a risk to your credibility as well as revenues. If your potential customer cannot browse through your entire product collection due to low website performance and switches to your competitor’s site, then this may have an adverse effect on your business.

You need exceptional hosting features: You should clearly know your hosting requirements before you choose your service. If you need any special features like additional redundancy, extra backup, high server specifications and software, then a dedicated server is the best option as shared servers might not satisfy such features. Dedicated hosting services are exclusively designed to support individual business needs and always have a scope to incorporate advanced features:

Website experiences peak hours at times: If your site has huge traffic flow occasionally, then it is good to choose a dedicated server. This mainly applies to ecommerce site when the traffic flow is high during discounts or any sale is announced during festivals.

To conclude, we can say that if your business has similar situations and requirements, then dedicated hosting is the best solution to keep your business running and successful. You are no more at a risk of getting slowed down and you can enjoy enhanced reliability and up-time thereby improving your overall web performance.

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